Growing older is like being young - only better

We are a neutral non-profit Spitex with operating licenses in the whole of the German-speaking part of Switzerland and therefore have the possibility to compensate family caregivers and privately employed caregivers for basic care services that are covered by health insurance.

In the area of advice and care, our customers receive free advice, immediate help, networking and support, as well as the possibility of finding personnel support or vacation replacements via a platform (which is made available to us free of charge by a partner organization). We provide this service free of charge to our families. 

In the area of education and training, IAHA offers its staff and families on-site training, access to lectures, online training and practice days to enhance personal, professional and social skills. Providing quality care and working well with our staff and families is our number one goal. 

With our Matching Platform, our clients find additional support from qualified caregivers when they need further help. The platform is provided free of charge to clients. IAHA has a placement permit from the AWA and SECO.

As a neutral Spitex association, we are in close cooperation with various partner organizations and advocate for a high standard in the outpatient health care market in various boards and committees. Our mission is to ensure that growing older continues to be a beautiful process and that individual life design - with any budget - is possible.

Beratung & Betreuung

We advise on all matters relating to care at home - and find the right support for you.

Bildung & Services

We train and support - for work and for life. We do this in a meaningful, practical and enjoyable way.


We inform, network, support and help each other. This with competence and humor.